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Check out the interview we did with the legendary Danish Denial of God, who was recently here in Brazil destroying everything with his unique sound, confer the interview I did with Ustumallagam.

Greetings Ustumallagam, thank you for giving us this interview to our blog "Questões e Argumentos", it is an honor to interview you as being the year of 2014 for Denial of God band and what are your plans for the future?
Ustumallagam: Ave… Right now we are just relaxing after a great time in Brazil and slowly getting ready for upcoming shows. Apart from that we just work on material for the upcoming album and it sounds really strong and nightmarish so far I can tell you.

How was it for you to have played in Brazil and in South America this year?
Ustumallagam: It was fucking great. The crowd was really fanatic and it was a great feeling playing so far away from home again. Brazil to us is like a different world, so there was really a lot of things that were different from at home, but everyone treated us very great and I must give a big hail to Robson (Storm Prods) and Marcia Oliveira for refusing to give up when the tour fell apart (It was supposed to be a 12 date tour, but the tour “manager” David Delgado of Sephira Daath Productions decided to run off with everyone’s money).

How has been the reception of "Death and the Beyond" worldwide?
Ustumallagam: Overwhelming really. It seems like people really have embraced it and I think that album opened a lot of doors for us. It is still selling well and the response has been even better than expected. I am still very satisfied with everything around it.

What are your main musical influences?
Ustumallagam: It’s a mix of a lot of things and I guess our main influences come from (old) Mayhem, Mercyful Fate, Hellhammer, Venom, Alice Cooper, Death SS, Infernäl Mäjesty, Bathory and Ripper. A lot of other things influence us too though. Movie soundtracks etc.

The band was formed in 1991, as you see these over 20 years of the band's career? What were the most significant events yet?
Ustumallagam: There has been a lot of significant things happening during the past 23 years and to sum it all up would be next to impossible. But some of the most important things must be the release of our two albums, playing shows in Transylvania, Australia and Brazil and also sharing stages with bands like King Diamond, Venom, Queensrÿche etc.

As has been the partnership with Hells Headbangers Records?
Ustumallagam: Can’t complain. They have done what they promised us they would do and have a great distribution, so all is okay. A great label.


What are the main inspiration for the compositions of the band's lyrics?
Ustumallagam: I write most of our lyrics and I get inspired by everything from books, movies, nightmares, pictures etc. My personal fave lyrics writers must be Dead (Mayhem) and Cronos (Venom), I think.

What bands are you currently hearing?
Ustumallagam: Lots of things really. I really dig the debut demo of Outcast that I got recently. I also listen to a lot of Terminus (Ireland) too and am very excited about their upcoming debut album. Also, I spin the Eternal Champion 7” EP a lot. The Tower “Hic abundant leones” LP is an album that has been on heavy rotation in my house too the past months even if I’m normally not so much into that genre.

When can we expect new material from the band?
Ustumallagam: I don’t know. It’s always hard to say. We are still deep in the writing process of the new album and prefer to take our time, so my guess is a new album in 2016. Maybe some small things before that. Can’t really say right now.

What are the next band concerts? Leave dates for our readers.
Ustumallagam: The only planned shows right now for this year are October 31st (Halloween night) in Oostrozebeke, Belgium and the day after in Arnhem, Holland. For next year we only have one show lined up so far and that is Raging Death Date in Neustadt, Germany on the 4th of April.

Talk a little about the Tornado Magazine, for when we can expect an upcoming issue?
Ustumallagam: Issue 9 is right now very close to be finished. I wanted it out already actually, but quite a few bands let me down and I was also too busy the past months to work on it, but hopefully soon. It will certainly be the best issue this far and I have some really great interviews lined up for it. If all goes according to plan it will be pro printed this time too.

Thank you for the interview, leave your final comment and a message to the band's fans and blog readers, let your contacts.
Thanx for the support. Watch out for upcoming material and shows and worship total darkness.

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