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Check out the interview we did with the band Extinction, Death / Thrash metal mad, insane and ready to conquer the world, confer the interview we did with Wolfgang.

Greetings Wolfgang, thank you for giving us this interview to our blog "Questões e Argumentos", it is an honor to interview you, for you as being the year 2014 and what are your plans for the future?

Wolfgang: Thank you for having me! Right now, we're working together and gathering ideas for new material, we have a few shows booked here and there but mostly going to get more material written and hopefully recorded as well.

You are in San Fernando Valley - California in the United States, how you see the underground scene in your area? What bands would you highlight?

Wolfgang: It's surviving. There aren't really many venues for metal bands to play at other than the Cobalt Café and the newly opened, White Oak Studios, without having to go through the pay-to-play business, but what holds the power most it seems like are the backyard gigs. Always a ton of people there to see bands play, many times it'll get raided but you can see that there are still many underground metal-heads still supporting the scene, and it's great. Shout-out to the guys in CORRUPT for putting it down! 

What bands are you currently hearing?

Wolfgang: I have a pretty wide range of music that I'm currently listening to through-out the day. A lot of Opeth, Deicide, and Death. I try to also listen to many of the local bands that I come across at shows like: Syrebris, Infinite Death, Cataclysmic Spawn, Infirmity, just to name a few. All great bands by the way definitely check those bands out.


What are your main musical influences?

Wolfgang: My biggest influence still to this day goes to the mighty, Steve Harris of Iron Maiden. Especially when it comes to how I play, he was the guy that molded my bass playing. Lyrically and musically, I'm a huge Death fan and just love the way their songs are composed and written, absolute genius...

When will be the next shows? Talk the dates for our readers.

Wolfgang: Currently we only have one show booked with Keep Metal Alive Productions. December 13th we'll be playing out in Fullerton at the Riff Haus with Skeletal Remains, Morfin, Cataclysmic Spawn, and hopefully, Witchaven, with a few others as well. We'll probably book more shows in the meantime so to keep updated, follow our Facebook page (facebook.com/extinctionmetal) that's the best place to keep up with our current activity.

How was the worldwide impact of "Dead Space"?

Wolfgang: Hopefully it reached throughout the world!! Haha. But we've received great responses of the EP so we hope that it spreads to as many people as possible! We have the entire EP available on ReverbNation which is probably the best way to get it across the globe so share it with your friends and help us out!!

What stage equipment you have used on tour?

Wolfgang: Just our usual equipment we'd use everywhere else really. Nothing out of the ordinary, just our cabs and heads, drums, and boom, we're read to go! My set-up consists of my Ampeg PF500 amp head through a 8x10 cabinet. And of course my basses, I have a Fender Precision Bass and an ESP LTD Tom Araya Signature TA-600.   


What are the main inspiration for the compositions of the band's lyrics?

Wolfgang: We usually tend to write based on all of our favorite horror movies or stories inspired by science fiction events. Most of the time we just sit around and think of crazy situations that we make up at the top of our heads and somehow a song is created out of it. It's been pretty effective so far!

What is the current lineup of the band?

Wolfgang: I'm the bassist/vocals. Hunter Tymich on guitar/vocals. Luc Bassi on guitar. And our newest member of the band, Tyler Cure on drums.

Where it is possible to buy merchandise band stuff? shirts, cd's, etc. ..?

Wolfgang: As of right now, if you want to get Extinction Merch you'd have to come see us play. That's when our merch is most accessible. We're planning on re-stocking merch very soon though and even opening some sort of online store, so STAY TUNED! 

Wolfgang, thank you very much for the interview, leaves a message for the band's fans and blog readers also let your contacts.

Wolfgang: Thank you again for this awesome interview! Fans and even people who haven't heard of us, check out online pages for anything and everything Extinction related. We have both Eps available to listen to for free so have at it!! I'll post our links to our pages below and don't forget to come down to the Riff Haus in Fullerton, December 13th to see us live!!



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