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Check out the interview we did with Ana, guitars of one of the best goregrind bands of all time, the legendary Haemorrhage, confer the interview below.

Greetings Ana, thank you for giving us this interview to our blog "Questões e Argumentos", it is an honor to interview you, as being the year of 2014 for Haemorrhage band and what are your plans for the future?
Ana: Our main plans are recording a new album we are working on it now. Also playing live with our new drummer.

As has been the partnership with Relapse Records?
Ana: It has been very good. We are wishing to release another album. Relapse is a big and legendary label. One of the most respected worldwide so we are happy to be a part of this label.

How was the recording process of the video clip "Traumageddon" where it was filmed? Who was responsible for the production?
Ana: It was a friend of us Javier Lapena, who also worked with us on old videos. It was filmed at our old rehearsal room. We turned it into a cinema studio for some days. We used chromas etc and all the FX were added later.

How has been the reception of "Obnoxious" worldwide?
Ana: Well I think the most of the people already knew this EP and it was one of the favourite by us. So it was cool to give our fans the chance to get this old stuff with remastered sounds and more songs. It looks very good too.


What are your main musical influences?
Ana: Impetigo, Macabre, Judas Priest, Necrony, Xysma, Autopsy, Lubricant, Dark Throne, Bolt Thrower, Repulsion, Entombed, etc, etc...

How was the reception “Emetic Cult” at the time of its release?
Ana: I remember it had a very positive response. We were an unknown band back in those days and it spread our name in the underground scene around the world, so we must be proud of this album.

What bands are you currently hearing nowadays?
Ana: I still listen to the same music that I heard in the 90s, I like some new bands like Gutalax, and others.

What are the next band concerts? Leave dates for our readers.
Ana: Our next show (and last in this year) will be in Germany in November after this we will stop playing and we will be 100% into the new album recording.

The band was formed in 1991, as you see these over 20 year career? What were the most significant events?
Ana: I see our career is longer that all we ever expected, but I really didn't feel like I'm playing for 20 years now. We are always living in this moment and we don't look at the past too much. The most signinficant point has been our first album release, the first European tour in 1996 (Grind over Europe), get signed to Relapse and playing in Mexico.

How does it feel to see your many fans around the world with tattoos of the band?
Ana: We feel proud cause someone has a little part of our band on his/her skin. And this is forever. We have met lots of fans with Haemorrhage tattoos in many different countries and this makes us feel a special band. Maybe not the biggest band ever, but the band with the best fans in the world.

Ana, thanks for the interview, leave your final message and a message to the band's fans and blog readers, let your contacts.
Ana: Thanks for the interview and thanks to all the fans that supported us during all these years. Watch out for our new album in some months, and come to see our new drummer live cause he is a grinding machine.

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