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Check out the interview we did with model Alessa Decay, which makes a very beautiful work. do not forget to check her work.

Alessa Decay

What are your plans for the future?
Alessa: progress in my modeling career, continue photography, and write music

How has your partnership with "The BizR Babes" and "The Lead Farmer Girls Worldwide"?
Alessa: Being with both groups has helped me a lot in this business, but I also help out bands by doing promo shoots with their merch.

What musical styles do you usually listen to? What bands have currently heard?
Alessa: I enjoy metal (death, grind, gore, melodic, thrash etc) , punk, classical, industrial, techno,drum and bass, blues, jazz etc
Bands I have been listening to recently are:
Behemoth, Egypt, Overcast, Archspire, The Faceless, Goatwhore, Mortal Decay, Malignancy, Obituary, and Tool


When you started modeling? What were your first professional work?

Alessa: I have been modeling for almost 10 years now. My first professional work was promoting for BizRBabes. 

Alessa Decay

What styles of photo shoots do you like to do?

Alessa: I enjoy gory shoots (blood/guts), Horror Shoots, Promotion Shoots ( bands merch ), Gothic style shoots, Metal shoots etc.

What models you currently most admire? 

Alessa: I currently admire Soren High, shes a pole dancer, hooper, and a tattooed beauty.

Alessa Decay

What photographers do you most enjoy working?

What advice would you give to anyone who wants to follow the same career you?

Alessa: Modeling takes A LOT of patience, time, and practice.  It takes years to get where you want to be. You have to have many different looks in your portfolio and many different photographers. It is also very fun dressing up and being something or someone else. :D

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