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Belligerent Intent (English Interview)

Check out the interview we did with Craig (Bass/Vocals) from this killer autralian death metal band called Belligerent Intent, check out the interview below.

Greetings Craig, thank you for give us this interview to our blog "Questões e Argumentos" It is an honor to interview you, how are the activities of the Belligerent Intent  band that year and what plans for the future?

Craig: Thank you for the chance to be interviewed here on your blog. It's been a tedious last few years as our guitarist Matt Wilcock (ex Ackercocke/The Bezerker) had to do the move from London UK to Melbourne Australia. We managed to get him over to play alongside Morbid Angel here in Melbourne in April 2014 and to record our album 'Eternity Of Hell & Torment' with him still living in London while Matt Crossingham (drums) and myself lived here in Melbourne. It was a good experience to do a album like this but of course we are happy he is back in Melbourne for good.
Our plans for this year is mainly in just doing a lot of local and interstate shows here in Australia, allowing Matt Wilcock to settle his life back to living here and writing new material for our up and coming album, due for release early next year.

What is the current lineup of the band?

Matt Wilcock (guitars)
Matt Crossingham (drums)
Craig Priestley (bass and vocals)

What are your main musical influences?

Craig: Wow, well each one of us has a variety of taste in our musical influences, of course mainly the obvious bands when it comes to Metal. Every band that ever meant anything in the 80s/90s (too many to mention) that was extreme we was there and grew up with it. But speaking on Matt Crossinghams part he is 100% Metal, listens to nothing else but Metal. Always has been the same! Matt Wilcock listens to pretty much Metal but listens to a bit of different music from my knowledge, and myself I have a wide variety of taste - a lot of influences from all genres.
But of course when it comes to Metal and the writings of Belligerent Intent we will always maintain to keep it as extreme as possible because to us it's a expression of us, our spirit and who we are, where we have come from. This is where we absorb the passion to be as extreme as we are..
Some have a dark past, some are just twisted.

You are from Australia, as you see the underground scene in your country and what australian bands you like?

Craig: Well here in Australia it's very similar to the US in the bands that are around but I find that no matter where you look these days that everything is a clone of what has been. It's hard to find the killer bands, but they are fucking there! I get blown away by some of the music I hear and some others just bore the shit out of me..
To be honest I'm from the old school and not that up to date with what's happening out there but we have Destruktor, Cemetery Urn, Sarfaust, AK11, Hordes Of The Black Cross, Abominator, Laceration Mantra, Scars Of Sodom, Evil Intent, Carcass Butcher (rip) Misery (rip) Abramelin (rip) Bestial Warlust (rip) Nocturnal Graves, Twisted Fate, and so many more I can't think right now, but that's a handful right off my head. There is a lot of other killer bands out there and our mates King Parrot, kicking ass where ever the fuck they go!


When will be the next concerts of the band? Let the dates for our readers.

3/7/15 - The Basement, Canberra ACT
4/7/15 - Billyfest @ The Valve, Sydney NSW
10/7/15 - The Reverence Hotel, Footscray, Melbourne VIC
29/7/15 - The Bald Faced Stag, Sydney NSW
14/8/15 - The Music Man, Bendigo VIC
15/8/15 - The Reverence Hotel, Footscray, Melbourne VIC

How has been the impact of "Eternity of Hell & Torment" worldwide?

Craig: Yeah we have received killer feedback from the underground, also spreading out to a lot of other fans I had no idea we would effect. That's what it's about to us though is stepping out the boundaries and bringing the most intense and fucking aggressive brutal Metal we can to open minds.
Big shout out to all our close fans who have supported Belligerent Intent and brought the albums, shirts and been a big help to getting us to where we are today.

Where we can buy merchandise material of the band?

Craig: You can get our albums and merchandise directly from all the info is there for mail orders etc

What are the main inspirations for the compositions of the band's lyrics?

Craig: All our inspirations for this band come from who we are, our interests in horror and evil, my own personal world of the occult for 25yrs. But it's hate, violence, aggression and all the dark matter of the earth that drives us, each one of us ain't had shit easy. My extreme hatred for Christianity as a youth stemmed from my surroundings as everywhere around me in the town I grew up was Christians and scumbags, my father was a ward of the state for 3 yrs as a 8 yr old subjected to peadophile priests and hellish tortures that they committed against children. It led him to become a very violent and aggressive man, he bred that hate against Christians into me unwillingly though I guess it was just engrained in my DNA like a Legion of demons ready to possess. I have different views these days, it's not so much about the 'Anti Christian' shit no more, I been there and done that when I burnt the church, I did my time for that crap and to me now, it's not a hatred against God, it's hatred against mankind and the evil that can grow like a cancer inside each and everyone of us.

What stage equipment you have used in the shows of the band?

Craig: We have done many shows with a lot of bands, nationally and intentionally. So we have used some fucking killer stage set ups to some of the most b grade shocking shit u could imagine. We have a assortment of equipment for local but most places we go we use backlines on tour and maybe take a head, peddles, kicks or snare, Matt Wilock has a heap of killer guitars, Jacksons, Gibsons, Ibanez, I use a ESP/LTD or my Les Paul Gibson. Matt uses a Pearl, but has a few different kick peddles and snares he alternates.

Thank you very much for the interview, leave your conclusions and a message to those who support your work and our blog readers.

Craig: Hail to all the fucking maniacs worldwide that support us and continue to. To the new comers to our music and what we are about I hope to blow your minds with total aggression and the most evil blasphemy you can imagine transformed into the tunes of hell. If your a fan of early Deicide, Morbid Angel, Infernal War, Vital Remains, Vader you will smash your skull to Belligerent Intent.
Thanks for taking the time to read this interview, hope to see you maniacs out there at our shows, or hit up our band page 'Belligerent Intent Official' on FB
Cheers, Hail Satan
Craig Priestley - Belligerent Intent

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