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Carnal Blasphemy (English Interview)

Check out the interview we did with this colombian insane and brutal death metal band called Carnal Blasphemy.

Greetings Jhon Molina, thank you for  give us this interview to our blog "Questões e Argumentos" It is an honor to interview you, how are the activities of the Carnal Blasphemy band that year and what plans for the future?

J.Molina: Hi Friends of Questões e Argumentos, how are you? Thanks by the space that we provide. Coming soon will leave our debut album, and first professional video with the Californian label Gore House Productions. And we hope to share our music around the world.

What is the current lineup of the band?

J.Molina: DEATH METAL created in Bogotá, initially formed in late 2005 by Jhon Molina-Bass / Vocals, Luis Caro-Guitar, John Piñeros - Drums, enter months after Jeffrey Navarro - Guitar and Vocals Jason-Vidal, with this lineup worked for 3 years in 2007 to take our first EP of 8 tracks titled Perversity Blood Pleasure. Some time after the Luis Caro and leave Jason Vidal group in 2011 would enter Slopes Johan vocals, working with the band during that year, at the end of 2011 left the band and this would stay with their current lineup Jeffrey Navarro-Guitarra/Voces, Jhon -Bajo/Voces Molina, John Piñeros-battery, this alignment occurred in 2011, a second EP of 5 songs including 2 covers 1 and 1 Lock Up Terrorizer entitled Possession Hate and Destruction. 

The letters follow a main theme as aggressive reviews, usually addressing topics such as religion, corporations, consumerism, war and death, making a direct criticism aberration and human decay. 

With countless shows in Bogota and in cities like Armenia, Neiva, Medellin and Villavicencio, are: Rock X Engativa 2007, the 4th Metal 2008/2011, Misery Index (U.S.) 2011/2013, BGDF-Avulsed (ESP) 2011 , Hate Eternal (U.S.) 2012, Bloodsoaked (U.S.) 2012, NYDT-Dehumanized (U.S.) 2013, Hirax (U.S.) 2013, Abnormality (U.S.) 2013, Purulent/ Animals Killing People (COL) (U.S.) 2014, Devourment/Internal Bleeding (U.S.) 2014

What are your main musical influences?

J.Molina: Most of all, the old school wave, and incorporate modern elements. Lock Up, Terrorizer, Benediction, Impaled, Exhumed, Obituary, Dying Fetus, Misery Index and more…. Jeje.

You are from Colombia, as you see the underground scene in your country and what colombian bands you like?

J.Molina: Currently is growing , the bands are doing their music with more forcefulness, it is being shown a surprising level for everyone . We support many Colombian metal in general, Internal Suffering , Amputated Genitals , Goretrade.

When will be the next concerts of the band? Let the dates for our readers.

J.Molina: This year will be our first show for the release of our album "Liars Made Authority " which will be released via Gore House Productions. In September.

How has been the impact of "Victims of Blasphemy" split with Tomorrow’s Victim band, worldwide?

J.Molina: The illustration was designed by Al Tomorrow's Victim, the response has been brutal, and we have received good comments. Tomorrow's Victim is a band with enough experience and recognized members of New York's bands, this cause we join us Carnal Blasphemy, with two EP's (Blood Pleasure Perversity / Possession Hate and Destruction) and our debut album will be released soon.

Where we can buy merchandise material of the band?

J.Molina: Directly with us, they can acquire the material done to date. And in a few months with our record label Gore House Productions.

What are the main inspirations for the compositions of the band's lyrics?

J.Molina: Mainly the situation in which we currently live in Colombia, corrupt politics, dehumanized society, and large corporations exploiting our country in a disproportionate way, taking our wealth, then disappear as if nothing had happened.

What stage equipment you have used in the shows of the band?

J.Molina: Well I do not know fully, as a show is handled elsewhere in the world. We use equipment such as amplifiers, drums and others that are provided by the organizers. Other than that we use: Schecter Guitars, Basses Ibanez, Amptweaker pedals, drumsticks Vic Firth, Mapex double pedal, Cymbals Ufip Cymbals - Wuhan Cymbals & Sabian Cymbals and piccolo snare PDP.

Thank you very much for the interview, leave your conclusions and a message to those who support your work and our blog readers.

J.Molina: First of all, thank to Questões e Argumentos Zine , by the space provided. Thank you very much to the people, taking some of your time to read our interview. Do not forget them, we are Carnal Blasphemy from Colombia lml,

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