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Confer the interview we did with the band Mortal Torment, brutal Death Metal from Greece directly, highly recommended to all maniacs by more extreme death metal.


Greetings Giannis, thank you for giving us this interview to our blog "Questões e Argumentos", it is an honor to interview you, for you as being the year 2014 and what are your plans for the future?
Giannis: the honor is ours bro, thanks for having us! At this point we're rehearsing the songs for our second album, the drums have been recorded for the most part and hopefully by the end of the month we'll start with the guitars. After we're finished we'll plan some shows around to spread the word. We are also going to film a new music video at some point, so, busy times ahead!

When will be the next shows? Talk the dates for our readers.
Giannis: Next one is here in Athens, in the beginning of November. We'll play in the fourth installment of Brutality over Sanity alongside Avulsed, Terrordrome, Craniotomy and many others. It's a rather cool festival that only deals with extreme bands. We'll probably do one more in Thessaloniki at the end of November but nothings is certain yet.

How was the process of shooting the video clip "Decomposition in Vomit" where it was filmed? Who was responsible for the production?
Giannis: We had a killer time filming that video, a unique experience for us since we had never done such a thing before. The production was ours, we found the location/materials and we had friends helping us with the acting parts. Lots of real meat in there too ha ha! But it wouldn't be possible without the skills of director and friend Domenik Papaemmanouil who did a great job directing the whole thing.

What bands are you currently hearing?
Giannis: Ah good question, I try listening to whatever sounds good to my ears so don't be surprised if you don't find brutal bands only. Here goes: the new Septycal Gorge album, the amazing Defilementory, the new In Flames, Cannibal Corpse and the new songs from Progress Of Inhumanity and Karma Violens. Lots of more stuff as well but the list could go on forever!

You are in Anthens - Greece, how you see the underground scene in your area? What bands would you highlight?
Giannis: There's lots of bands here, playing all kinds of music. From old school death metal to grindcore and black metal, there's a huge variety from which you can pick your choice. Inveracity, Abnormal Inhumane, Incineration, Carnal Redemption, Still Falling and countless others. I'd recommend checking the following facebook page that only deals with greek death/grind bands. I bet you'll find some killer acts in there (facebook.com/groups/GreekDeathGrindScene). One of the good things is that bands help out each other (for the most part) and there's plenty of shows to hang out at.

Mortal Torment

How was the worldwide impact of "Resuscitation"?
Giannis: Well, we had some response. It's not like we sold a thousand records or something but we had people saying good words from around the globe. From Europe to the US or Australia there have been a few guys that said we're ok so we're extremely happy with it. Truth is, we trust a lot more in the new material so we'll wait and see how it goes when it comes out.

What are your main musical influences?
Giannis: Plenty of stuff, again not only metal. But if I was to point out a few bands I'd say Aborted, Dying Fetus, Suffocation, Prostitute Disfigurement, Misery Index and lots more. I know we don't sound like those bands but their music drives us all the same. Oh, I forgot fuckin' Slayer!

What are the main inspirations for the compositions of the band's lyrics?
Giannis: It could be anything, from pure rage, watching the news, gore movies, b-movies and any aspect of every day life you can imagine. I just need to be driven insane by something that pisses me off and there you have it. Multiple murder, horror and all things nasty!

What is the current lineup of the band?
Giannis: Tricky question, at this moment there only 4 of us. Giannis on vocals, Alex and Anastasis on guitars and George behind the drumkit.

Where it is possible to buy merchandise band stuff? shirts, cd's, etc. ..?
Giannis: We've been lazy enough not to have created a bigcartel page but anyone interested can contact directly with our facebook page. Not much merch remaining though, we'll re-stock with the new album.


When can we expect new material from the band?
Giannis: Hardest question ever! The process invloves recording, mixing, mastering, contacting the label and so on, so it will take some more time. We'll try to rush things up.

Giannis, thank you very much for the interview, leaves a message for the band's fans and blog readers also let your contacts.
Thank you for giving the opportunity to present our shitty band to your page brother! Keep up with the good work and always support the musicians that play with passion. Cheers to our friends in Brazil!!



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