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Check out the interview we did with Toep, the new Sinister's drummer, who recorded the excellent "The Post Apocalypse Servant" one of the best albums of 2014.

Greetings Toep, thank you for giving us this interview to our blog "Questões e Argumentos", it is an honor to interview you, for you as being the year 2014 and what are your plans for the future?

Toep: He man!! No problem. It’s always an honor when people are interested in things you like to do the most and what you can do the best hahaha!
Well, I hope we can do a lot of gigs with Sinister. For now I think we have to visit a least one Continent per year and furthermore we have to fill the seasons with festivals and weekend club shows. This year, in contrast to last year, is has been I bit quit. With the Australia tour we still have a great year!

What are your expectations for the tour in Australia?

Toep: Don´t know. It’s a surprise. But being on the road with these guys is great in advance. It’s not offered for many (Dutch) bands to go for two weeks to Australia. It will be an adventure. We will meet a lot of new fans and people. Can’t wait to blast on the stage not falling upside-down hahaha! And of course the traveling will be great. We also go to Tasmania with the boat. We could choose either we take the boat or the plane. We said, the boat, so we can see some other things then only clouds.

When will be available the EP "The Unborn Dead"?

Toep: Release date will be in November. It’s offered by a small Portuguese record label; Hell Prod Murder records. It will be a limited 7”EP containing two cover songs and sick artwork by Bob Toderico.

When will be the next shows? Talk the dates for our readers.

Toep: First dates are the Australian dates from 31 October to 9 November. Then in December we have a club show in Belgium. For next year we will play on Protzen open air. And there are several options but no concrete dates yet. Hopefully we go to South America again or maybe Mexico. Of course we will do some festivals in Europe. Check our facebook where we will announce all gigs.

Where it is possible to buy merchandise band stuff? shirts, cd's, etc. ..?

Toep: Just sent Adrie Kloosterwaard a private message via facebook or E-mail, he will help you. We want to professionalize our exposure of merchandise, maybe with big cartel or something similar.

How was it for you to become the drummer of Sinister?

Toep: That was very easy. Me, Aad and Bas already played in several bands together (Supreme pain and Absurd universe) and with Aad I also played in Blastcorps. We know each other for years so it was no surprise that one day he would ask me for this job hahaha! The other guys weren’t motivated anymore so there was an empty spot on the throne! With Sinister you play always higher on the bill, gets more exposure and the level of playing is higher. You always have to deliver, if you know what I mean. Especially as a drummer I can’t afford myself a bad day! Luckily Bas is a very good songwriter and Matthijs is a very solid and skilled bass guitar player. So for me on stage it’s like I am a fish in the water, enjoying every single second of it!


How was the worldwide impact of "The Post Apocalyptic Servant"?

Toep: Responses were very good. With the Carnage Ending we already noticed that Sinister was back on track and that fans from the old days picked up Sinister again, but with the new record it was like that people told us that this was even as good as the first Sinister albums. Knowing that for old school fans the first albums were emotionally something like the best that could ever exists! Also most of the reviews were very good and I know that with the next album Sinister will even go darker and more occult in lyrics and songs. Bas already wrote some songs and it will dark and obscure like Hell!

How was the recording process of the album? Where it was recorded? Who was responsible for the production? This album contains the best Morbid Angel cover that I heard in my entire life!

Toep: Bas write the songs at home. Places some drum computer on it and send it to us. At home everybody rehearses the song. During rehearsal with the band sometimes we change little arrangements till we are satisfied. During every rehearsal I think about the drum parts and how to make them brutal but recognizable. Then Bastiaan makes of every song a click track. We check them during rehearsal till every BPM is like the way it’s best for the song. We practice the songs al lot so we are always very well prepared. For almost a month we could hire Soundlodge studios in Germany. I did the drums in one day. The next day I only did the cover songs. Jörg ‘the Master’ did production, mixing and mastering. He is very easy to work with and very relaxed. He did a monstrous job!

About the Morbid Angel cover, Tanks!! It was very hard to discover what was happening on that song. We noticed that the BPM were fluctuating a lot. And when you are listen to every detail sometimes riffs sounded a bit rushed. So it was not possible to play along with the original. We made a click track and guide guitar track which I could use in the studio. And remember it’s a cover. So we are not Morbid Angel but a band trying to play one of the best death metal songs ever on the Sinister way. And yes, we got amazing responses about that song and the way we did it! Last time I met Pete Sandoval he told me about the important role of Scott Burns and that Trey thought about every strange move in the song and drum structures. Was great to talk with him about this song!

What bands are you currently hearing?

Toep: Actually I listen to every kind of music. I was grown up with underground grind, hardcore and crossover end of the eighties. Then I developed a special love for Death metal. But I also had a special bond with alternative music. The God Machine and Neurosis are still bands I like the most. And if we are talking about death metal it’s Suffocation, Antropophagus and all old school Death Metal; Benediction, Autopsy, Deicide et cetera. At this moment I listen to the Cro-mags, Cryptic Slaughter (money talks) and just all kinds of metal depending on my mood. Can be everything.


What are your main musical influences?

Toep: As a drummer my influences are Pete Sandoval for being the first drummer playing a clean blast beat without noise. And further it are most drummers from progressive and symphonic metal bands. Of course I listen to the skills of every Death metal drummers but one of my favorite drummers is Gavin Harrison from Porcupine tree. He amazing with his syncope beats and skills!

What stage equipment you have used on tour?

Toep: On tour or during a gig I use equipment offered by the stage. In rider we mention the gear I want to use. And if it is something else we will discuss that. I am using three toms in the front and one floor. Two crashes, one ride, china, hi-hat, splash, two mini splashes and one mini-ride. Most of them are Sabian. If have a 20 year old Ludwig bronze snare drum which sounds still killer! And I use a 20 year old TAMA twin pedal; one of the first cobra’s. Never tried long boards or whatever fancy shit. Maybe I’ll try ‘m one day but for now I am still old school hahaha!

What are the main inspirations for the compositions of the band's lyrics?

Toep: For the last CD I made a concept story handling about the Post apocalyptic era where ghost use mutants for their pleasure. The servant is watching over all pain and is the bringer of this new era. He is serving pain and death by the ghosts. People evaluated to brainless mutants try to survive the endless pain and torture skills of the ghosts. Every songs tells about a particular situation or story.

In a certain way I am very artistic and I have a lot of fantasy. Thereby I like to write lyrics. Aad is very pleased with that. He makes the arrangements so that lyrics will fit perfectly into the songs Bas writes. For the new Sinister we wanted the lyrics more obscure and occult. Grabbing back to the old days the new lyrics deal about hate and antipathy against church and faith; destroying the church, crosses smeared with blood, abuse and all dark elements of faith…

What is the current lineup of the band?

Bastiaan Brussaard– guitar
Matthijs Brussaard – basguitar
Aad Kloosterwaard– Vocals
Dennis Hartog– Guitar
Toep Duin - Drums

What is your favorite Sinister album?

Toep: Hehehe… what do you think!! No offence, but that’s the last album!

Toep, thank you very much for the interview, leaves a message for the band's fans and blog readers also let your contacts.

Toep: Everyone thanks for reading! Hope that everyone also likes the new album; The Post Apocalyptic Servant! Just go to our facebook pages; Sinisterofficial and Sinister (fanpage) and give them a ‘like’. We post very frequently a lot of stuff on our own page. Soon we announce a special CD coming in 2015 especially for the 25 years of existence of Sinister. This will include a lot of special stuff!! Hope we can do a lot of gigs and that we can meet a lot of people and fans in the future!!

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