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Check out the interview we did with Norwegian black metal horde Troll, which makes the best Norwegian black metal style, sounding grim, morbid and bleak, confer the interview we did with drummer Telal. 


Greetings Telal, thank you for giving us this interview to our blog "Questões e Argumentos", it is an honor to interview you, for you as being the year 2014 and what are your plans for the future?

Telal: Thank you back, it’s my pleasure to do this interview with you.
2014 has been a year when I have focused on improving myself as a musician by mainly strengthening my endurance and precision as a drummer in different genres.
In addition to this, I have been in studio recording for the new Endezzma album “The Arcane Abyss” and one song for the Troll/
Aeon Winds split EP.
I also use al lot of time to rehearse with my other bands several times a week, so I live and breath drums.

When we can expect new material from the Troll band?
Telal: Troll is now in the process of recording new material for the upcoming album. The release date is not yet confirmed.
The Troll/Aeon Winds split EP will be realeased in october 2014.

What is the current lineup of the band?

Nagash on vocal/guitar, Sturt on bass/vocal, Tlaloc on guitar/vocal and me on drums.

Where it is possible to buy merchandise band stuff? shirts, cd's, etc. ..?

Telal: For Troll and Astaroth merchandise can be bought through Polypus Record on their website www.polypus.no

How is the partnership with Polypus Records?
Telal: The partnership is very good. The label consists of people who play together in different bands and know each other, so it’s easy to have a good dialogue when decisions are being made. 


When will be the next shows? Talk the dates for our readers.

has no concert plans at this moment.
Saturday 04.10.14, at Norwegian Hellcamp in Schweinfurt Germany
Saturday 25.10.14, at Phantoms of Pilsen festival(s) in the Czech Republic

Talk about your other bands: Astaroth, Attentat, Carpticon, Endezzma, Sarpedon,what are the new developments that wait in these bands?
Telal: There are lot going on going on with these bands. First Astaroth has been put on hold for further notice. Two of the members from Astaroth and myself plus a new guitarist has started up a new band together called
Urkraft. We are now in the process of rehearsing new material for our new abum “Urkraft” that probably will be released this time next year. This music is a little bit more progressive and raw than Astaroth, but the essence is still black metal.
Endezzma is almost finished with the album
“The Arcane Abyss” that will be released in the beginning of 2015. This album really kick ass! Fast drums with a lot of double bass drums, hard hitting riffs and really good catchy music material.
We will play live as much as we can next year since we love to meet our audience around the world.
Sarpedon will release our debut album “Anomic Nation” the first of december 2014 through Inverse Records. Except from this, it’s more like a studio band, unless the record will be very successful.
Attentat is recording an album that will be released next year thorough Polypus Records.
Carpticon is a band I played in for a very short time many years ago, right after they gave out their debut album. Unfortunately the band splitted right after I joined.
I have joined a new band called Makt featuring Tloc from Troll on guitars and Elin Henden on bass from Xeenon together with vocalist Morten Lockert on vocals and Lars Vismark on guitar. The music is technical death metal with a hint of black metal. I really have to challenge myself to play up to 230 bpm, but it's great fun!
Telal (Troll)
What bands are you currently hearing?

Telal: I always try to keep up to date with new music on the metal scene and the last cds I bought was Opeth and Ace Frehley. I’m looking forward to the new 1349 album since I think their single is very cool. Also looking forward to the Stone record. The new Mayhem record is also great.

What are your main musical influences?

Telal: Metal and progressive rock inspires me the most. When it comes to drummers there are many that influence me for different reasons: Steve Asheim, George Kollias, Gene Hoglan, Phil Ehart, Phil Collins, Mike Mangini, Nils Fjellström and Hellhammer.

What stage equipment you have used on tour?

Telal: The equipment is sometimes good and sometimes not so good depending on what is provided from the venue we play at. I always bring my own cymbals, pedals, snare drum and trigger to make sure I can play my best no matter how many people we play for. I use Pearl drums and racks, Paiste rude cymbals. Axis pedals and Alissis trigger modul.

Telal, thank you very much for the interview, leaves a message for the band's fans and blog readers also let your contacts.

Telal: I just want to say thank you to all the fans of the bands I play in! Really appreciate your dedication to the metal scene, mucho gracias!
Hope to tour in South America in not so long time and looking forward to see you all there.

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