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Novidades - Turanian Honour Productions

Abigail (Jpn) / Shitfucker ‎(Usa) - Bloody Your Lovely Pussy 7" EP
Obnoxious Youth (Swe) - Suck On The Cross 7" EP
Father Befouled (Usa) - Rotting Godless Throne 7" EP
Goatlord Corp. (Fra) - Horns Of Resurrection 7" EP
Graveyard (Esp) / Terrorist (Usa) - Split 7" EP
Goat Vulva (Fin) - Baphometal 7" EP
Ex-Inferis (Mex) - Bitches From Hell 7" EP
Blüdwülf (Usa) - Tribal Instinct 7" EP
Headlight (Jpn) - Sunrise 7" EP
Isengard (Nor) - Dark Lord Of Gorgoroth 7" EP
Evil Angel (Fin) / The Spawn Of Satan (Usa) - Split 7" EP
Eidomantum (Swe) - Fear The Master/Black Aura 7" EP
Sorcery (Swe) - Bloodchilling Tales CD
Monarque (Can) / Mortualia (Can) - Hymnes Funéraires Des Rois 7" EP
Gama Bomb (Ire) / Black Sister (UK)‎ - Split 7" EP
Destruktor (Aus) - Brutal Desecration 7" EP
Embalmed (Mex) - Prelude To Satan's War 7" EP
Denouncement Pyre (Aus) - Circle Of The Black Flame ‎ 7" EP
Farscape (Bra) / Violator (Bra) - The Fall Of Silence 7" EP
Dead To This World (Nor) - Dominions Of Death 7" EP
Heresi (Swe) - Psalm II - Infusco Ignis CD
Die Hard (Swe) - Mercenaries Of Hell 7" EP
Infernal Curse (Arg) - Demented Visions Of Darkness 7" EP
Black Witchery (Usa) - Inferno Of Sacred Destruction DigiBook CD
Evil Army (Usa) - Conquer Human Life 7" EP
Carpathian Forest (Nor) - Through Chasm, Caves And Titan Woods DBL 7" EP
Slaughter (Can) - Nocturnal Karnage MC
Morbosidad (Usa) / X.E.S. (Usa) - Split MC
Trancelike Void (Bel) - Unveiling The Silent Arms Of Despair MCD
Black Witchery (Usa) - Upheaval Of Satanic Might 12" LP
Violator (Bra) - Scenarios Of Brutality CD
Cult Of Daath (Usa) - The Grand Torturers Of Hell CD
Ketzer (Ger) - Satan's Boundaries Unchained CD
Cannibal Corpse (Usa) - Eaten Back To Life CD

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