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Check out the interview we did with Greek death metal band Incineration, a band that makes an incredible, brutal sounding, precise technique, confer the interview below.

Greetings Incineration, thank you for giving us this interview to our blog "Questões e Argumentos", it is an honor to interview you, for you as being the year 2014 and what are your plans for the future?
Incineration: Well, at the moment we’re rehearsing for studio duty as we’re participating in a 4way split cd which will be released by the end of 2014.

When will be the next shows? Talk the dates for our readers.
Incineration: Ummm…we’re kind of not sure about dates at the moment. We just finished two awesome shows. One in Malta and one in Athens-Greece. We’re going to play also in Thessaloniki-Greece, and also we’re going to hit some shows abroad but we still don’t know the exact dates.

You are in Anthens - Greece, how you see the underground scene in your area? What bands would you highlight?
Incineration: Well there are plenty of bands here that have taken the peak of death metal high and of course there’s no chance i might mention them all here cos I’d end the list probably tomorrow. But I’d say that whoever calls himself a death metaler should catch up with Carnal Redemption, Inveracity, Mortal Torment, The Anal Treatment XXXperience and Blustery Caveat.

How was the worldwide impact of "Disciples of the Garrotte"?
Incineration: It was good. Sometimes unexpectedly good. Well to be totally frank we heard all kinds of comments. From good to bad, we heard almost everything, but I’d say that the majority was good votes, so I guess that’s good right?

What are your main musical influences?
Incineration: All the death metal freaks that pack a punch can be listed amongst our musical influences man. Starting from Cannibal Corpse and still counting. Bands as Disgorge, Deeds of Flesh, Fleshgrind, Vader, and Terrorizer……..The list never stops.

Where it is possible to buy merchandise band stuff? Shirts, cd's, etc. ..?
Incineration: You can either visit out fb page and order to us directly, or visit our big cartel page.

What bands are you currently hearing?
Incineration: Well I believe the new Cannibal Corpse album sucks most of my time, but in the meantime i am jamming some other stuff like Devangelic, Septycal Gorge and Cerebral Effusion among others. 


What are the main inspirations for the compositions of the band's lyrics?
Incineration: Everyday stories of craziness my friend. Reality is ssooo sick that you really need nothing more than just keep up with it, and believe me you’ll find tons of crazy shit out there. Albert Fish, Andrei Chikatilo and Ed Kemper are some names that you need to google. Apart from them we’re big horror movie freaks so I guess the combination of these two is a well of undying brutal death metal lyrical inspiration.

What is the current lineup of the band?
The band now consists of:
Chris: Vocals/Guitars
George: Drums
Stefanos: Bass

Thank you very much for the interview, leaves a message for the band's fans and blog readers also let your contacts.
Incineration: Thank you too man. Special hails to those who took the time to throw a peak on us. Check our pages for updates and stay crazy damn it!!

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